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WHY we do what we do


The reason we exist is to create financial independence for all of our STAKEholders. That doesn’t just mean our clients or shareholders. We believe that the ability to live independently of the need to make a paycheck is the greatest catalyst to meaningful change in the world.


The philosophy behind our purpose is rooted in Maslow’s Hierarchy. In order for most people to meet their basic needs (the bottom of the pyramid), they need to work for a paycheck. This is important, but only fulfills the most basic human needs for survival. We believe that we are meant for more than just our basic needs being met.

For most people the challenge to working up the pyramid is the insecurity of the base, and the ease with which those needs could be taken away (Layoff, illness, accidents, etc.) This causes the individual to focus massive amounts of time and energy on securing those basic needs, and working for a paycheck.

There are many other ways to secure your basic needs, but we believe the best way is to acquire assets that pay you regardless of whether or not you put physical effort into the asset. When your assets pay you more than what you need to meet your basic needs, that means to us that you have reached financial independence.

Once you have reached independence, you are then able to shift your time and attention that would have otherwise been spent meeting basic needs towards meeting your higher level needs. Our study of some of the most successful people shows that meeting higher level needs often means making an impact on the world, and that is why we do what we do.

We want YOU to be able to make your impact on the world. Whether that is through volunteering, starting a non profit, making donations, providing resources, or whatever else you can do to scale your impact, we want to help you cover the basics to free up your time, energy, and effort for those things.